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An Exercise of Insanity
The Journel of Stevo
Accepted into Rowan for Management Information Systems!!
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i will edit this when i actually have the strength to keep my eyes open...

just saying this.....i am so proud to be part of it....
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R.I.P. Ryan O'Hara...

You always knew how to brighten our spirits....

Gator Bowl
Myrtle Beach
Band Camp

Great times man...thank you.
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Sorry kids, but this journal is now going to be friends only. Don't worry it's not your fault. Mommy and Daddy are just not getting along. If you feel deprived because you are not reading about my life anymore, feel free to add me as a friend. For now, everything is just a memory... 

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I am off from Kohl's for more than 36 hours, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually a little bored.
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Happy Holidays Everyone! No matter what you celebrate, what you believe in, just enjoy the spirit of the season!

And always remember...

"You'll shoot your eye out!"
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Greek man actually passed me. He knew what was good for him.

Hanging out tonight, wrapping presents, the fun stuff...

Christmas Eve tomorrow where I work 10-6:30 then family fun!
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Quote from my dumb Math for Management teacher after the class had to correct him at least a dozen times on a problem,

"It is okay if I make mistakes when teaching the material, but it is not ok for you to make mistakes on the test."

....one more test.
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It's a small world afterall...
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I finally finished my Christmas shopping tonight. All that's left is the polyana present...which is going to be fun to find lol.

Breakfast with Dad in the morn, check back...
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